• You can protect your data

    But what about your apps?

  • Kids | Co-workers | Family | Guests

    You decide what they can use - and when they can use it

  • Keep your Mac safe

    Even when you're not there

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  • Scheduling

    Set a schedule for each app (or All apps) to allow unblocked usage for specific days and times.

  • History

    A failed attempt to access an app is recorded with the date, time, and optional photo (for iSight equipped Macs).

  • Mac Friendly

    Does not modify any system or application files. Works with the apps and settings you currently use.

  • Automatic Exit

    Set a timeout value to automatically exit inactive apps after the elapsed time expires. Great for Mac Mail and Safari.

  • Stealth Mode

    Hide the icon and use a fake error message so the user won't know the app is blocked.

  • Additional Rules

    Many options to control how and when blocked apps can be used.

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  • Tris Hussey Cult of Mac

    « The more I think about this app, the more uses I think of. Have a shared family Mac? Keep the kids from messing with Quicken or other financial apps. »

  • Ron McElfresh McSolo

    « Mac App Blocker is an elegant, inexpensive Mac app that password protects every app on your Mac. If you have the password, you can use the app. No password? No app. »

  • Jesse Mincey Bohemian Boomer

    « Plus, Mac App Blocker keeps track of when someone tries to use an app without authorization and takes a photo (on iSight equipped Macs). »

  • Jack D Miller Mac360

    « So this is a good tool for anyone with a Mac that travels, anyone with a Mac in the office, and just as important, anyone with a Mac at home that has family members who may have access.»

  • Osas Obaizamomwan iPhone Hacks

    « Creating a passcode for individual applications should be a built-in feature for all devices. »

  • Darth Maul Couch Baby

    « Mac App Blocker is a very useful app that offers security when you can’t simply put in a login password. This is perfect for a shared work computer or a shared family computer. »

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Download the 15 day free trial and check out the many great features in Mac App Blocker

Buy - $499

New Lower Price
(Previously $9.95)

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