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Frequently Asked Questions

I don't see the lock icon in the menubar, yet OSX tells me the app is running - how can I access it?

You may have entered Stealth mode by mistake. If you haven't changed the default hotkey, press Command+Option+Control+Spacebar to enable/disble Stealth.
If you have another application that uses this key combination, that may trigger the Mac App Blocker Stealth mode unintentially. Try changing the Stealth key combination to another hotkey.
Make sure you remember the new hotkey combination - you wil not be able to access the Mac App Blocker main window without the new key combination.

When I try to update from within the app, I get an error meesage saying the update is improperly signed.

Unfortunately, this seems to be an issue that only affects some updates. We have been working on a solution and hope to get it completed soon.
In the meantime, you can download and install the latest updates from here:
If you have any questions or comments regarding the updates, please let us know: KnewSense Support

I updated to the newest release and now I'm having problems - what can I do?

First - make sure you are updated to the newest version. You can get the newest version from here:
If you are still having issues, please let us know: KnewSense Support
We will do everything we can to help get you up and running.

Does Mac App Blocker work with OSX 10.10?

Yes - minimum OSX version 10.7

Why would I password protect an application if the data files are unprotected? Isn't that where the real info is stored?

There are many applications that don't use data files - such as System Preferences, Terminal, and Safari. Or, they do use data files, but the files are not easily accessible - such as Mail and database application. Games are another application that uses data files, but accessing those files without the game to play them on would be meaningless.

Mac App Blocker prevents unauthorized access to your applications. From your computer, visitors will not be able to open the associated files if the application is protected. And, preventing someone from opening your files on your computer is a big first step in securing your info.

Can I protect folders/files with Mac App Blocker?

No - Mac App Blocker does not work with folders/files. There are many apps available to encrypt your files and folders - some are available for free like this one from Apple: How to create a password-protected (encrypted) disk image
Or, this one: How To Encrypt A Folder With Password Protection In Mac
Or, this list from LifeHacker: Five Best File Encryption Tools
I am not endorsing any of these solutions - do your homework before deciding on any encryption method.

So, how is this better than just encrypting my files/folders?

Encryption works great when you need to protect your data. Generally, you create an encrypted version of your files and folders and access them with a password. This means selecting the encrypted file and/or folder and unlocking it to make it accessible to use. Then, locking it when you are done. This works fine for limited access. But, what if you're constantly locking and unlocking your files. What if you forget to lock them after you're done?

Would you want to lock and unlock your Mail files every time you wanted to access your email? With Mac App Blocker, you can lock your Mail app and not worry about the hundreds (or thousands) of email messages sitting on your computer.

Also, many application do not have data files. How would you prevent someone from accessing System Preferences and making changes to your system? What if someone gets on Safari and looks through your browsing history?

Mac App Blocker prevents access to the application. Encryption prevents access to data and information.
Both methods work well for the things you need to protect.

I am trying to block <insert app name here> with Mac App Blocker, but it's not working - any suggestions?

Mac App Blocker will need to start before any of the Blocked Apps start.
Make sure you fully exit the protected app by select Quit from the dropdown menu in the menubar for the app or by right clicking on the Dock icon and selecting Quit
Restart the blocked app and see if it's working correctly.
You can email us with any specific questions at: KnewSense Support

I purchased a license, but didn't receive it, what do I do?

Check your email junk folder. It may have been sent there by mistake. If you don't receive it in a reasonable amount of time (usually within a few minutes), let us know: KnewSense Support

I got a message that the trial period has expired, but I already purchased a license - what should I do?

This was an unfortunate issue with a previous release. The issue has been resolved. If you recceive this message, simply re-apply the original license file. If you need a new license sent, let us know: KnewSense Support

Do you plan to make an iOS app like Mac App Blocker?

The short answer - no. iOS is very different in the way it operates with other apps and how apps interact with each other. As it is now - it would be nearly impossible to do the same thing in iOS

Will it work with DropBox?

Yes and no. But, mostly no.
DropBox uses a folder to sync and an application to do the syncing. You can't password protect a folder with Mac App Blocker. You can password protect the DropBox application, but that wouldn't prevent someone from accessing your DropBox folder on your system and the files it contains.

How do I uninstall Mac App Blocker?

Simply drag the app to the trash
However, with most Mac applications, it's best to use an uninstaller app (AppDelete, AppZapper, CleanMyMac, etc) to remove all the files and settings.

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